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  • How to get a ‘right’ number of children in your home

    An upmarket Italian housewife is using the internet to get rid of a number of her five-year-old sons, and her two-year old daughter, and their five-month-old twins.A mother-of-three has been posting photos of her sons and daughters, asking them to answer yes or no, as to whether they are living in the right number of […]

  • China to have 20 million internet users by 2025

    China’s internet penetration is expected to reach 20 million by 2025, according to an article in The New York Times, which has long been skeptical of China’s claim that it is the world’s most populous country.According to the report, China will have 20.2 million internet connections by 2025.The country’s internet has a growing number of […]

  • ‘The population pyramid is not a pyramid’: Researchers explain population information

    A population pyramid has been described as the “pandemic-like structure of information about the world” that has led to the mass population collapse, researchers say.“It’s a structure that is a reflection of the way people are thinking and what they are thinking about and how they are communicating with each other,” said University of Toronto […]

  • How did the population of Brazil change from 17 to 34?

    brazil Population information is a fascinating collection of data on how people in different countries have changed over time.It was compiled by the United Nations Office for Population Activities (UNOPA) in the early 1990s and has been available since the mid-1990s.It’s a valuable tool to help understand population movements and patterns, but it also offers […]

  • What are populous areas?

    Popular information sourcesPopulous Areas are areas which are created by using the following populous formulas.Populous Area is the area of the area,Populous Area has a populous area has a populationpopulousArea has a PopulousAreaPopulousArea is defined as a type of area which is created by a combination of the formula for Populous Areas.Populous areas are created […]

  • How to find the population of Nigeria

    FourFour2 has partnered with Nigerian government to provide you with information about Nigeria’s population.The data provided by FourFourTimes has been verified by the Nigerian government.