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  • What you need to know about the election’s first-in-the-nation swing states

    From the New York Times: *A new report from The New York Post’s election tracking team suggests that Trump may have won more than twice as many votes in Florida than Clinton did.*The election results are not yet in, but Trump leads the national race in Florida by a significant margin.In Florida, Trump leads by […]

  • What are netherlands residents think about their internet experience?

    By Peter S. Kiebler and Mark Schmitt-LansingA growing number of Americans are getting worried about how their internet services are being handled.According to a new survey by Comscore, the US internet user base is growing by an average of 1.2 million per month.The survey found that 56% of Americans have a negative impression of the […]

  • Australian population: latest census data

    The latest census population data released on Thursday shows the population of Australia has grown by 8.5% over the past 12 months to 9.5 million, according to official data.The latest data from the Census of Population and Housing also showed that the median household income rose to $76,000 last year from $61,500 a decade ago.The […]

  • How to understand and use ESPN Crave data, data analytics and insights

    ESPN CRIE and ESPN Sport Analytics are your two-way street for live-streamed sports data and analytics.But you can also use them to create customized and targeted insights into your business and your users’ behavior.Here are the top six ways to use ESPN SportAnalytics to drive your data-driven insights.1.Track your audience, audience demographics, and your audience […]

  • How to Survive in the Coldest Places

    People are often surprised when they start living in a cold climate.The first thing to know about it is that the temperature can drop to -40F (-17C) at any time.The average wintertime temperature in Mexico is -26F (-13C).Even the colder, wetter places in the US have a temperature that can drop as low as -13F […]

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