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  • Teenager arrested for posting controversial ‘fake news’

    MTV News reports that a 15-year-old boy was arrested on Friday for posting a fake news article on social media, according to an FBI statement.The statement said the teen’s father called the FBI’s Seattle office to report that the teen had posted an article on a Facebook page, which was then taken down.The teen’s mother […]

  • Judd Popular: A city-by-city analysis of the city of Sarasota

    A city where it is all about the entertainment, and where the latest gossip and gossip has been picked up and relayed on social media, is the capital of Italy’s Umbria region, a sprawling peninsula where, since the 18th century, the country’s largest city has grown and flourished.Today, the capital is home to more than […]

  • Which book is the most popular informational book in Australia?

    Popularity of popular informational texts in Australia can be an indicator of the quality of the content that is being offered.According to new research by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the popular books and informational texts are not only popular but also highly valued in the Australian population.The latest edition of the popular informational […]

  • Australia’s population is rising, but is there anything you can do about it?

    1 of 1 Australia’s population data is outdated and incomplete The population figures published by the Bureau of Statistics have changed over time.The 2016 Census was conducted before the 2017 Census was released, which was completed in February 2018.This means that the 2016 population figures for Australia have been used for years, even before they […]

  • How to spot the difference between suicide and depression

    This article shows how to tell whether a person is suicidal or depressed.The article also shows how depression is not the same as suicide and shows that depression is a much more severe disease than suicide.The author explains the main difference between the two, and suggests that the distinction between the conditions can be confusing.Source […]

  • How to find the biggest drug traffickers in Mexico

    From the U.S. border to the United States, Mexico is home to some of the most sophisticated drug trafficking networks in the world.But how to find them?Here’s a look at the most prominent drug lords, drug traffickers and cartels in the country, and the methods they use to keep their turf.

  • How to tell whether an Ethiopian population is healthy or not

    What’s the deal with the Ethiopian population in Ethiopia?The Ethiopian population has been growing rapidly since the early 2000s.The country has the second highest birth rate in the world.There are nearly 100 million people in Ethiopia, which makes Ethiopia the most populous country in Africa.According to the UN, Ethiopia has the world’s largest Muslim population.Ethiopia […]

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