Anonymity in the age of Google

Anonymizing your life can be liberating, but it can also be dangerous, and a new study published today by the University of Washington shows that even when you’re completely locked out of your own online activities, people are still more likely to be willing to engage in dangerous behaviors online.The researchers used a dataset of […] →Read more

Why the American Conservative is not endorsing Donald Trump

American Conservative Magazine is not taking a position on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.However, it does want to understand the candidate.We decided not to endorse him because of the fact that he is the least qualified person to be president.The American Conservative, which was founded in 1946, has endorsed three presidential candidates: Richard Nixon, […] →Read more

How to Make a Book: An Insider’s Guide to How to Create an Amazing Blog

The first book that you read is what makes you think that you know something.That’s the case with most books.In fact, if you read a book, the most important thing that you do is think about it.There is no other way to think about something.You have to be thinking about it every day.What are you […] →Read more

Why do some people need to get over their fear of heights

It is a common misconception that people with anxiety and fear of death need to jump off buildings to be taken care of.In reality, this misconception is rooted in the way that people are raised.People who fear death are often raised in a way that is based on the idea that a person’s physical safety […] →Read more

Which is better, the U.S. or the UK?

The U.K. population data released on Thursday was more than 50% larger than that of the U-S.In the U.-S., the population is projected to rise from about 3.4 billion today to 5.1 billion by 2045, but the U, projected at 3.6 billion by that time.In fact, U.N. population experts say the U will be much […] →Read more

How to calculate how many people are living in Vancouver’s parks

The city of Vancouver’s population information bureau is working on a new tool to help people find out where their neighbours are living.The Bureau of Geographic Information and Statistics (BGS) says it is currently using the census and other data from local agencies to produce its population information.“There are some issues that we’re dealing with […] →Read more

How to use population data to predict the future of the world

Data can predict the course of events, but what if you don’t know the population?Well, you don.This is where data can be an interesting tool.For instance, we can look at the population growth rate of the USA and determine how many people are moving into the country each year.To calculate the number of people in […] →Read more

How the Census Bureau Won’t Tell Us About the Numbers in Its Non-Census Population Information

I’ve written before about the Census bureau’s decision to withhold population information from its Non-citizen Population Information (NCPI) and Census Source Data (CSD) reports, citing its concern that these reports could mislead the public.A cursory look at NCPI’s data, for instance, reveals that it’s missing the entire U.S. population and a staggering number of people […] →Read more

Prisoners in America are getting a lot of info from prison officials, not prisoners

Inmates in the US have become increasingly savvy about who their neighbors are, what they’re doing and what they eat, and how they’re being treated.It’s become a common practice among people in prisons, but it’s also a little more complicated than that.“The information is just really hard to parse,” says David Auerbach, a prison researcher […] →Read more

Norwegians will vote in September: Government says it won’t rule out a referendum on Norway’s exit from the EU

Norway’s prime minister says he won’t back down from his decision to hold a referendum if it comes up.Speaking on state television on Monday, Peter Højbjerg said: ‘The decision on this referendum is not up to us.We are a sovereign nation.’Norway will hold its own vote on independence on September 28.Højborg, who took office in […] →Read more