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  • How to live in Scotland’s most expensive city

    As a teenager, I lived in a small village in Scotland, called Loch Lomond, and watched its residents and their friends struggle to make ends meet.When I got married in 2014, my first family was in Scotland and I’d never heard of the city of Aberdeen.My husband, who is Scottish, told me that there was […]

  • Poland has launched an anti-discrimination policy for migrant workers, officials say

    POLAND — Poland has adopted an anti–discrimination policy aimed at helping migrant workers gain entry to the country’s booming economy and its sprawling social and cultural life.The move came in response to growing concerns about the rise in hate crimes and discrimination against people of color and transgender people, Polish officials said Tuesday, a week […]

  • Why is there so much data?

    Population data is the data that tells us how many people are living in a particular location at any given time.The more data, the more information we have.Population data can be used to make decisions about food production, public health, and so on.As a result, it has become a critical resource for a wide range […]

  • Why Indonesia is getting its population back up

    The government of Indonesia is trying to keep people in the country in order to prevent the country’s population from falling below 10 million.But a new report shows the government is also losing ground to countries that are also experiencing an economic boom.The World Bank estimates that Indonesia’s population has risen by almost a quarter […]

  • How to check if you are being watched by social media users

    Get the most out of your social media accounts with the official Get to Know social media tool.Get the latest news and insights on the latest trends, news, events and more on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.What do I do if I am being watched?You can use the official social media app to check to […]

  • How to find the prison population in Baltimore

    With nearly 100,000 inmates and more than 6,500 inmates serving time in prisons across the United States, it’s easy to get a sense of where people are.But what does that mean for the average person, and what are the prison populations in the city?

  • Germany: Germany’s population is expected to rise to 965 million by 2050

    Germany’s fertility rate, which has remained constant at around 1.2 children per woman, is expected by 2050 to hit 965m, the country’s statistics office said.The country’s population will grow by just under 9% per year, compared with about 3.3% a year earlier, according to the data.The rate of population growth has been slowing over the […]

  • How to add ‘social shares’ to your Google+ feed

    How to set up social shares for your Google+.articles article Google has finally announced the Google+ community that will serve as the core of the new Android operating system.The feature is expected to be available for Google+ users in the coming weeks.The Google+ Community for Google Apps is a part of the Google app ecosystem, […]