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  • ‘Punjab: A city of dreams’

    In the year 2020, a lot of things have changed for the residents of the city of Patiala, a few hours outside Delhi.As the sun rises and the water rises in the hills surrounding the city, the air feels cleaner and the air is full of a sense of freedom.A vibrant and vibrant Patialan is […]

  • Indonesian population information and pyramid analysis

    An analysis of Indonesia’s population pyramid shows the country has a population of 1,091,839 people and a total of 5,927,814, but not much in the way of information on income or education levels.Indonesia’s population is estimated at 1.2 million, or 1.4% of the world’s population.The country’s population growth rate is estimated to be 1.3% per […]

  • Why you should think twice about buying a new iPhone 7: An update

    Posted July 13, 2018 06:07:37Apple has said it plans to sell more than 3.5 million iPhones worldwide by the end of 2018, but its share of the smartphone market has been falling for years.Apple has sold just over 100 million iPhones since the iPhone 7 was launched in June 2018.Apple shares were down by around […]

  • Why does the world need more social media?

    The social media revolution that swept the globe last year has brought more and more people together.But how can you be an active participant without spending money?The Huffington Post wanted to find out why.We asked our social media experts to give us some of their favorite tips.

  • California population data leak, census figures show a significant change

    The California Department of Public Health and Environment has released new census figures for 2016 showing that the population of the state has increased by approximately 13,000, which is a slight increase of about 3% from 2015.This was followed by a 3% rise in the population in 2017.It is not yet clear if this is […]

  • How to keep your kids safe in the age of Zika

    The Zika virus outbreak in Latin America and the Caribbean has already claimed more than 200 lives, leaving more than 100,000 people infected and threatening to turn into a humanitarian crisis.And with many countries on edge, the World Health Organization says the crisis could worsen as more people are infected.The outbreak has prompted the government […]

  • You Can Play the New Jersey Devils and You Can Get Your Own In New York

    In case you missed it, the New York Devils and New York Knicks are teaming up for a new game.It’s called the “New Jersey Devils vs. New York Mets” game, and the game will be broadcast live on ABC and ABC Sports Network, with a new episode airing on Tuesday.The game will also be streamed […]

  • Mexico population information for July 2016

    More than 1 million Mexicans are in need of medical care in the U.S. and Mexico, a new survey shows.The United States has the highest number of uninsured Mexicans in the world, and the U of T Health System reported Wednesday that Mexico’s population has more than doubled in the past five years.Nearly 10 million […]

  • When did the idea for the Next Big Generation start?

    The first big generation was supposed to start in 2020 but was delayed to 2021, according to Bloomberg.The two main challenges for the first generation were a lack of funding and a lack the skills to scale.According to Bloomberg, the first wave of a Next Big Gen is expected to be the biggest ever in […]

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