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  • ‘Sydney population has been a surprise’: Government report

    The Washington Times article Sydney has the highest number of babies born in a single year, but the population has a surprise population: more than 10 million people.The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed the Sydney population in 2017, and revealed the total population is almost 10 million, a significant increase of around 30,000 since […]

  • How much do you know about the population of Spain?

    The population of the Spanish state is one of the most fascinating statistics of the world.Its history and geography, which is now in flux thanks to the Spanish Civil War, have been studied by scholars for decades.But this information is often hard to get, and the statistics are often misleading, leading to confusion about how […]

  • Why do some people need to get over their fear of heights

    It is a common misconception that people with anxiety and fear of death need to jump off buildings to be taken care of.In reality, this misconception is rooted in the way that people are raised.People who fear death are often raised in a way that is based on the idea that a person’s physical safety […]

  • How to use population data to predict the future of the world

    Data can predict the course of events, but what if you don’t know the population?Well, you don.This is where data can be an interesting tool.For instance, we can look at the population growth rate of the USA and determine how many people are moving into the country each year.To calculate the number of people in […]

  • Prisoners in America are getting a lot of info from prison officials, not prisoners

    Inmates in the US have become increasingly savvy about who their neighbors are, what they’re doing and what they eat, and how they’re being treated.It’s become a common practice among people in prisons, but it’s also a little more complicated than that.“The information is just really hard to parse,” says David Auerbach, a prison researcher […]

  • How to be more successful in business and in life

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