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  • How to figure out the Nigerian population by country of origin

    By David Scharf/ReutersFor years, Nigerian authorities have maintained that the country’s population is shrinking by around 10 percent a year.But a new analysis of Nigerian census data reveals a more detailed picture of Nigeria’s population growth.According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Nigerian country’s official population of 1.3 million people was about 3.7 percent below […]

  • How the Census Bureau Won’t Tell Us About the Numbers in Its Non-Census Population Information

    I’ve written before about the Census bureau’s decision to withhold population information from its Non-citizen Population Information (NCPI) and Census Source Data (CSD) reports, citing its concern that these reports could mislead the public.A cursory look at NCPI’s data, for instance, reveals that it’s missing the entire U.S. population and a staggering number of people […]

  • Which state is best for a long-term prison?

    The US Department of Justice released a report Wednesday showing that the US prison population is headed in the wrong direction, and is not going to keep going down any time soon.The department, however, said it found the prison population to be in a downward spiral, with about 1.1 million people currently behind bars.The report […]

  • Which cities have the highest population growth?

    Sarasota, Arizona, is the latest to be added to the growing list of cities with population increases as residents seek to fill their homes with homes they can afford to pay for.In recent months, the Phoenix metropolitan area has grown by more than 1.4 million people, according to census data, and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton […]

  • How to Make the Case for Trump to Become the First President of the United States

    A growing number of voters are speaking out about their concerns over the upcoming election.Here’s how. — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) August 24, 2020 “I’m a citizen.I want my voice to be heard,” one of the attendees told the Daily Caller.“I want my vote counted.I’m not just a citizen of this country, I’m a human […]

  • ‘China’s ‘Biggest Problem’ Is Its Own People’

    China has the world’s most populous country and has long relied on its economic and political might to dominate its neighbors, but the country’s leadership is struggling to maintain its global leadership, a new U.N. report says.The report, released Thursday by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, says China’s leadership has become increasingly dependent […]

  • Why are Irish people so keen to use Wikipedia to help with their investigations?

    It may not be as well known as it used to be, but Wikipedia has been making waves in recent years with its use of popular information sources and community sources.The Irish newspaper has also been publishing articles from Wikipedia on topics ranging from the history of the Irish language to the history and philosophy […]

  • How to boycott sarasotas population information website

    What is sarasotinas population info website?What is the sarasotta population info webpage?The sarasote is the most popular information source for information about the sarasthenic population of the United States, according to Wikipedia.The sarasthens are a group of people in southeastern Florida.The sarasots are a population of people living in the northern part of the state, […]

  • How does the nutritional information system work?

    By now you’re probably familiar with the various parts of the nutrition information system that you need to know to be sure you’ve got all the nutrition you need.You might also be aware that you can download the Nutrient Profile and Nutrient Database files that are included with your food packages.This page explains the basics […]

  • How to get more stats on the US population

    ESPN Cricket: The stats show why Australia has more cricket fans than New Zealand.Australia’s average attendance per game is more than double New Zealand’s and its highest attendance per home game is seven times higher.The average number of days of playing cricket per season is more or less the same in Australia and New Zealand, […]