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  • Indian Navy’s Rafale attack helicopters ‘un-aircraft capable’

    Indian Navy helicopters, which have been a key part of the Indian Air Force since the mid-1980s, are now “un-armored” and could be “a threat to national security”, an official told NDTV.The report said the navy is considering the issue, as the indigenous Rafales can carry two helicopters and a light helicopter.The air force is […]

  • More than 200 people killed in Nigeria’s latest mass shooting

    Official numbers are in for the worst mass shooting in the country’s modern history, with more than 200 dead and more than 2,000 injured.The shooting in Nigeria is the latest in a string of violent incidents in which the country has been hit by a series of deadly events.According to Nigeria’s national security agency, about […]

  • Chipotle: A good sign that you’re not in the food coma

    In a sign that people are still hungry, the chain Chipotle said Tuesday that it was selling a bagel that comes with a plastic bag and a plastic box.It also said it is launching a $2.99 bagel, a $4.99 sandwich and a $5.99 burrito with two cheese sticks.The company said it also is working with […]

  • How to Get Started with a Netherlands Population Information Brochure

    title How To Get Started With a NetHERLANDS POPULATION INFORMATION BOUCHURE article title The Lad is a book by the Lad Bible and published by Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-0-691-3269-4, page number 13.You can read the review of this book here.The Lad: An Oral History of America is available for purchase from

  • How to fix your life and become rich in the next 10 years

    New York City is the biggest city in the world, but how much money are you making?The average wage in the Big Apple is $20.5 an hour, but it can be much higher if you live in a wealthy neighborhood.To figure out how much income you’re making, The Hill looks at the most recent numbers […]

  • How to get more Greeks in Greece

    Population and demographics data from the U.S. Census Bureau and World Bank show that in 2017, Greece’s population reached a high of 6.6 million, a decline of 2.9 million since 2010, according to a new analysis by the International Monetary Fund.The U.K. is the most populous country in Europe with a population of 5.3 million.But […]

  • How to Create a Twitter Story for Brazil’s Population Information

    To create a Twitter story for Brazil, follow these simple steps.Step 1: Add a link to the story.Twitter has built in an option to add a link that links to the original tweet and/or the original post to make it easy to share the story with your followers.If you don’t want to add this feature, […]

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