Which is better, the U.S. or the UK?

The U.K. population data released on Thursday was more than 50% larger than that of the U-S.

In the U.-S., the population is projected to rise from about 3.4 billion today to 5.1 billion by 2045, but the U,S.

is projected at 3.6 billion by that time.

In fact, U.N. population experts say the U will be much more populous than the U.’s.

The U.-K.

data, which includes information from Census data, the National Center for Health Statistics and other sources, is also used to create a global population count that is updated daily.

The United Nations says its population estimate is more accurate than the United States, which relies on the most recent census.

But some population experts, including Richard Holley, an expert in population at George Washington University, said U. S. estimates are less reliable.

“They’re less accurate because of the way they’re calculated,” he said.