Norwegians will vote in September: Government says it won’t rule out a referendum on Norway’s exit from the EU

Norway’s prime minister says he won’t back down from his decision to hold a referendum if it comes up.

Speaking on state television on Monday, Peter Højbjerg said: ‘The decision on this referendum is not up to us.

We are a sovereign nation.’

Norway will hold its own vote on independence on September 28.

Højborg, who took office in January, has ruled out a constitutional change that would make the country part of a bloc known as the European Union.

The country’s ruling coalition is led by the centre-right People’s Party.

He has said a ‘no’ vote would be an irreversible step that could lead to a referendum in 2020.

He also told a national radio show that he wanted to ‘stay in the European project’ and would not rule out an independent Norway.’

We will see what happens on this.

I will decide,’ Højo said.