How to get a ‘right’ number of children in your home

An upmarket Italian housewife is using the internet to get rid of a number of her five-year-old sons, and her two-year old daughter, and their five-month-old twins.

A mother-of-three has been posting photos of her sons and daughters, asking them to answer yes or no, as to whether they are living in the right number of bedrooms in their house.

The mothers of the twins are not even happy with the answer.

It has been a rough few weeks for Maria, who says she has spent most of her time trying to stay afloat.

“It’s been a nightmare, my kids have had to take to social media to ask me what the correct answer is,” she told the Sunday Times.

But it has been so hard for her that she decided to do something about it, posting photos on Instagram and Twitter to explain why her children were not living in a correct number of rooms.

She said she has been overwhelmed by the response to the photos.

She said: “I have not slept in a week, I don’t have enough money to buy food for my family, I have to pay for everything out of my own pocket, my husband has stopped visiting and I can’t get my kids to visit.”

It is heartbreaking.

I have been so grateful for the support, the positive feedback and the help from other mothers, so many people are saying they love us, we are doing this for our children.

“The mother-to-be, who lives in Pisa, has been living in her parents’ home since the early 2000s and said she had not been able to afford to buy a new home.

She has a mortgage, a mortgage and a car loan and has also had to deal with a couple of legal battles to make ends meet.”

I have no savings.

I cannot even buy food to feed my family,” she said.”

In Italy, it is normal for parents to be in the same house as their children.

“So we are not able to do things like buy a TV, we have to buy it ourselves.”

But the internet is a great tool, you can get an answer in a couple seconds.

“The mother of the boys has shared her experience on social media and said it is “disappointing” she has not been consulted by her sons or their families before her answer.”

People have been asking me what I am doing wrong and they can just read my Instagram,” she wrote.

Maria has posted photos of the three-year olds on her Instagram account and she said she felt “so blessed” to have them in her house.”

They are a great example of what good parents should do, they are the best example I can think of for me,” she added.

Her son, who is the oldest, said he was very pleased with the answers he had received.”

He was happy.

He said ‘thank you very much’ when he was told that the correct number was five and that I was correct,” she explained.

For the two-years-old, who has autism, Maria said she did not have enough time to ask her husband about the answer and he had left the house at 5.30am, but he did not take his daughter and son out.”

We have been very happy, I am so proud of them,” she concluded.