Why Monaco is a perfect place to live in 2019

Monaco, a tiny French town of 2,400 people, is the perfect place for the rich and famous.

And while the city has a rich history of poverty, wealth and social inequality, it is also home to one of the world’s most beautiful, diverse, and thriving economies.1.

It’s the best place to be a business owner in Europe and North AmericaMonaco’s booming business and tourism sector has attracted attention from big name investors.

That’s led to the city becoming a magnet for big money, according to data firm CB Insights.

It is also the most important hub for the region’s startups.

Its high concentration of tech-based start-ups, its top-tier universities and research facilities, and its international airport, combined with its relative low tax rate, mean Monaco has attracted an influx of foreign investment.

The city is the most expensive city in the world for foreign investment, with a whopping tax rate of 17.5%.2.

It boasts the world-class city of BordeauxMonaco, in southern France, is home to the world famous Bordeau.

The town is the oldest continuously inhabited town in France and has been a center of culture for over a century.

The famed Champs-Élysées and Notre Dame Cathedral, among other cultural landmarks, are located there.

The Bordeaus are also renowned for their unique cuisine.

It has a population of just over 2 million, which is a third of that of Paris.3.

It holds the distinction of being the second-most expensive city for real estate in the entire worldIt’s also the second most expensive town in Europe, according the CB Insight data.

Its average rental rate for single-family homes is over €2 million per month.

Its cost per square meter is higher than that of cities like Madrid and Paris.

The average house price in Bordeux is €832,000.4.

It also hosts the world championships of the International Cycling Union, the Olympics, and the ParalympicsThe International Cycling Federation, the World Cycling Union and the World Paralympic Committee all hold their own races, which can cost more than a million euros each.

But its hosting of the Olympics is not the only attraction.

The French city also hosts its own Paralympian races, and it has a host of other events, including the European Championship, which brings athletes from around the world to Paris.

The city also holds the World Championships of the Paralymmics in 2022.

The cost per ticket ranges from around €200 to €300, which makes it the most affordable Olympic event in the country.5.

It offers a thriving arts and culture sceneThe city boasts an incredible diversity of artistic styles and artistic pursuits, from traditional music to the modern avant-garde.

In fact, Monaco was the first European city to host the first major concert series in the US, which has helped the city attract international artists.

The French capital is home for a number of internationally renowned museums, galleries and art galleries.

Its most famous art museum, the Louvre, has over 200 million visitors annually.6.

It hosts some of the most prestigious universities in EuropeThe University of Brescia is the leading university in France.

It houses the world renowned Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art and the world premiere of French painting.

It serves as the gateway to many European capitals, such as London and Brussels.

The other most prestigious institution is the École Polytechnique de Grenoble, the oldest university in the French-speaking world.

The university also has a large student body, including about 6,000 students in the prestigious French polytechnic.7.

It attracts a thriving art sceneIt is home of some of France’s most renowned museums and galleries.

The Louvre in Paris is among the world art museums.

The Le Corbusier Museum of Modern Art in Grenobles is a leading French museum.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Paris also hosts a large collection of works by European and American artists.

The Galerie Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris has been awarded the prestigious Paris Prize, and is home the largest collection of the works of French artists in the European Union.8.

It hosts the world tour of the Great Barrier ReefMonaco is the only French city that hosts the Great Barrere Reef Tour, which was first held in 2010.

The event is a popular tourist attraction, with visitors coming from all over the world.

There are more than 30 events to choose from, from diving to whale watching to fishing.

The tourism industry in Monaco has also grown exponentially in the last few years, with the city hosting more than 4,000 major events.

The most popular is the Great Barbary Spring.

This is an annual event in which visitors take part in a series of underwater activities and live-stream their experience.

The tourism industry also includes a range of cultural events.

The Great Barrier is the largest coral reef in the Mediterranean