When Reddit’s new design team wants to redesign something, they can always use an app

title When the new design of Reddit’s homepage looks very familiar, it’s probably because it was designed by the same team who made the site’s old homepage.

The two sites’ styles are closely related: Both were designed to be easier to navigate, with a simple yet intuitive interface that’s also very accessible.

But the two apps differ in how much they have to change to fit Reddit’s needs.

The new redesigns are a mix of simple and sophisticated redesigns, and it’s not just the layout that has to change, either.

The design of the Reddit homepage has been tweaked to match the site and its community’s needs in recent months.

Here’s how the site looks now.

A redesign that looks very similar to the site used to be, but it was updated in March.

The reddits new look has evolved to fit its audience.

It’s a bit more organized, with less of the “fuzzy” and “slower” design elements that were previously used.

There’s a more professional-looking design for subreddits, with more of a professional look.

And there’s a new subreddit design that uses a slightly different font to better convey the “paint” that’s been added.

The redesign of the site has been updated in May.

That’s when Reddit redesigned the navigation bar and sidebar.

The old site had a menu that went up at the top, and a list of the top subreddits.

The sidebar now has a more focused focus, which is a bit different from the new look.

Reddit’s redesigned sidebar.

It looks very much like a menu.

(Reddit) The sidebar and menu in the old site.

It has a much larger “hint” icon at the bottom, which means that you can see the subreddit by clicking on the “subreddit” link at the left side.

( Reddit) It also has a new “subscriber favorites” section at the right.

(reddit) ( Reddit ) That menu section is now more of an organized sidebar with more items in it, including a list and a search bar.

( reddit ) There’s also a new tab on the sidebar, with links to the main Reddit home page and the sidebar.

There are also a few more icons in the sidebar that you’ll notice in the new layout, including “favorites” and a new sub icon for the “news” section.

The main Reddit homepage.

It still looks very different than the old design.

(r/technology) The old home page.

It was designed with a cleaner design than the new redesign.

( r/technology ) The new design is a lot cleaner and more organized.

( YouTube ) The sidebar is a little more organized and has more items, including more of the new sidebar navigation menu.

The navigation menu is also a little less cluttered and easier to see.

(YouTube) ( YouTube) The design changes have also impacted other aspects of the redesign, like the sidebar’s search bar and subreddit sub menus.

Reddit users who don’t follow the site closely can still get a glimpse of the old homepage, which looks like it was heavily influenced by the design changes.

Users will notice that the subreddit sub menu is much larger than it used to look.

(google maps) A user’s home page in the redesign.

The home page used to have a small sub menu that appeared below the main menu.

In the redesign the sidebar menu now appears directly above the sub menu, which makes it easier to scroll through the sidebar while still keeping the main page’s navigation menu visible.

The sub menu has also been slightly modified to fit the new Reddit layout.

( Google Maps ) Here’s what the old subreddit’s sub menu looks like.

(Google Maps) The redesign’s sidebar menu.

It shows up next to the submenu, which has also received a small redesign.

Users can still scroll through its sidebar, which will be much easier with the redesigned sidebar menu, but the sidebar navigation menus will now be much more accessible and accessible to users who are already familiar with Reddit.

Users who don://www.reddit.com/r/videos/subscribe/subreddits sidebar will still have to scroll to the bottom of the sidebar to view the sub menus, but users who want to see the sidebar for every subreddit can now do so from the sidebar itself.

(youtube) Users can also use the sidebar as a way to browse through all of the subreddits on Reddit.

In fact, it looks like users have a more streamlined experience on Reddit than they did on the old homepage.

Reddit has been working on a redesign of its sidebar and sidebar navigation bar since June, and the redesigns have already been approved by Google.

Users still need to follow the sidebar guidelines to be able to navigate Reddit, and Google has also said that it will only allow users to access subreddits in their news feed or from their favorite social media apps if they follow certain guidelines.

The changes to the sidebar