How to add ‘social shares’ to your Google+ feed

How to set up social shares for your Google+.

articles article Google has finally announced the Google+ community that will serve as the core of the new Android operating system.

The feature is expected to be available for Google+ users in the coming weeks.

The Google+ Community for Google Apps is a part of the Google app ecosystem, and the new feature allows Google+ to share its content across Google Apps.

The Google+ app community, which is currently available only for Google products and services, will eventually be used to add a variety of content to the new Google+ page.

In a blog post today, Google announced the news.

Google+ is an integral part of Google Apps and Google+ serves as the heart of the ecosystem.

In addition to sharing content on Google+, users can post and share images, video, podcasts, videos, maps, photos, and other content in Google+ that is not included in their own Google+ account.

This includes content from apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Photos, and more.

Google+ is also expected to launch its own Google Photos service, which will allow users to take photos from their own device and share them with other users.

Google has already introduced a camera app for Android, which users can use to take pictures and share those photos with other people.

The announcement was made in the same post that said Google is expanding the Google Search engine, adding search suggestions and a search bar to the Google Assistant.

Google has also said that the search engine will be redesigned to make it easier for users to search by topic and location.

Google said it will also add new features that will improve the speed of searches, including a “fuzzy search” that is used to identify specific words that users may be searching for.

Google also said it is adding a search engine to Google+.

It will include a number of new features, including search suggestions, a new “fetch” feature that will allow Google to automatically deliver a search result from the search bar, and new functionality that will automatically add links to articles in search results.

Google is also adding a new feature to the search results page that allows users to see how many results they have searched for.