What’s happening with the Monaco and Minneapolis metro area population?

Minneapolis has long been a popular choice for people to commute, and in recent years the city has seen a steady influx of people who live in it.

But the population there has been falling over the past decade, with the number of people living there down by more than 10% since 2010.

And now, as cities like Atlanta and Detroit struggle with an aging population, Monaco is looking to grow and become even more appealing.

Monaco, which has the largest population of any city in the U.S., has plans to double its population by 2030.

The city’s population is projected to increase by about 20% by 2030, to 7,958, and the city is considering making that increase a requirement for the development of new projects, according to a memo sent to City Council members on Tuesday.

The memo says the city hopes to complete the development phase of a $2.7 billion project called the Gateway Project by the end of 2019.

The Gateway Project, the memo says, will bring a mixed-use development to Monaco’s central business district, with offices, hotels, retail and a restaurant and cafe planned in the center.

The project would also include a park.

The memo says that the Gateway will include a large, underground parking garage and a residential area.

The Gateway will also include about 1,400 units of affordable housing, including 1,600 apartments and 1,500 units of assisted living.

In a letter to Monocan City Manager James T. Miller, Monocans city attorney, Michael S. Ciarone, wrote that the city was seeking an additional $6 million in city funds to “finish the Gateway project” and was also looking to “double the current population by 2035.”

Miller wrote that in a separate memo, the city attorney also asked for additional funding to cover the cost of the Gateway, which would bring a total of about $15 million.

The City Council is scheduled to consider the request on Wednesday.

The Monocaans city and county are trying to figure out how to keep Monaco from becoming a ghost town, according Ciarones letter.

The city has long struggled to attract young people to Mona and the county has struggled to lure people away from nearby cities, according a report by The Atlantic.