How to make your social media look smarter

The social media platform Instagram is about to become smarter.

The app will now let you share your favourite photos and videos directly to Instagram’s trending lists.

Instagram is already a major player in the media information market.

Its top 10 trending content lists are full of interesting photos and stories.

But it’s the ability to share them directly with the masses that is going to make Instagram’s platform the new king of the media finders. 

What is Trending Content?

The trending content lists in Instagram’s content discovery section.

The list is updated every 24 hours.

You can add your own photos and links, share your favourites or share more content from your friends.

Here are some examples of how you can add a photo to a trending list.

You will also need to enable the Trending category.

The next section below will show you how to add a link to your Instagram story.

Trending content shows up in Instagram when users share a post.

If you have multiple pictures in your feed, the posts are sorted by popularity and tagged with the tag you’ve added.

If you’ve got more than one picture in your Instagram feed, you can sort the posts alphabetically.

How to add photos to a Trending List In order to add pictures to a specific trending list, you need to tap the Add to a list button.

You can also tap the search icon to search for a specific photo, which will bring up a list of similar pictures.

Once you’ve clicked the Add link, you will see a list showing you all of the related content.

You have two options: share the picture directly to your favourite social network or share it directly to the trending lists on your own Instagram account.

The picture will appear in the Trendings section of your profile.

The number of likes you have for the picture will be shown.

You then need to scroll down and tap the Share button to share the image to your social network.

More details about trending content on Instagram are available on the company’s website.

You also need an Instagram account in order to post photos directly to that platform.

To do so, tap the share icon in the top right of your Instagram profile, then tap the + button.