U.S. Census Bureau to release nationwide results on race and ethnicity of U.K. adults

The U.N. agency says it will release nationwide data on race, ethnicity and language in the U.T.S., as the U,S.

and the UK work towards a common definition of race and a common approach to ethnicity.

The agency said Thursday it will publish the results by 2030.

The data will be based on data from the 2010 U.B.C. Census, which covers people aged 15 and over in all the 50 U.k. states and territories.

The census is a nationally representative survey of people living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It covers an average of 2,500 people across England and Wales in 2010.

The U.R.S.-based agency, U.E.C., said it had asked researchers to look at census data for the first time since 2010 and develop a methodology that would allow it to produce comparable results.

The organization said that the data would be collected by the U-QAS program, which aims to provide census data to the U and the U.-K.

S, and would include measures of language, ethnicity, religion and social class.

It said it hoped the results would be of interest to ethnic and racial minorities and other ethnic groups, including Asians and Muslims.

It is the latest in a series of efforts by U.A.E.-based organizations and non-governmental organizations to bring ethnic and other data to public scrutiny, as well as to promote understanding of different groups’ experiences.

In addition to the new U.U.A., other groups are pushing for data to be released from the U of A.

The European Union, which also has the British government in its ranks, has called on the U to release data from all its institutions, including universities and schools, as part of its “commonwealth” initiative.