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New York City is the biggest city in the world, but how much money are you making?

The average wage in the Big Apple is $20.5 an hour, but it can be much higher if you live in a wealthy neighborhood.

To figure out how much income you’re making, The Hill looks at the most recent numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are some things to know about the average wage.

What’s the average hourly wage?

The median hourly wage in New York is $19.65 an hour.

The top 10% of earners in New Jersey, Florida, and Massachusetts have an average hourly salary of $41.13 an hour or more.

That is significantly more than the $24.85 an hour average for New Yorkers in the 10 largest metro areas.

But even for those earning the top 10%, their median hourly pay is only $18.35 an hour—not much of a jump.

Why do people earn so much money?

The typical American earns about $46,000 a year.

In New York, that figure is $56,000 per year, and in Florida, it is $57,500.

In Massachusetts, the median annual wage is $44,300.

If you earn $60,000 and your job is a bartender, the average annual wage in Manhattan is $67,800.

If your job in Manhattan includes a bartender’s salary, it would be $74,000.

The median annual salary in San Francisco, California is $64,300, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The typical salary in Boston is $65,100, according the Boston Globe.

The average annual salary for a full-time worker in New Orleans is $73,400, according data from the Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS).

What are the minimum wage and overtime requirements?

In New Jersey and Florida, the minimum hourly wage is not $8 an hour; instead, it’s $7.25 an hour and overtime is $10.

The minimum wage in Massachusetts is $7 an hour plus overtime, but in New England, the federal minimum wage is slightly higher at $9 an hour for tipped workers and $10 an hour to tipped workers who make less than $20 an hour in New Hampshire.

The overtime requirement is higher in the District of Columbia, where the minimum is $13 an to $14 an hour but the federal maximum is $15 an hour (plus overtime).

What about tips?

A tip is when a customer pays you less than the full amount that they paid you.

A tip of $2.50 is considered a tip.

If a customer doesn’t tip, you are considered to have tipped.

However, if the customer does not pay you the full minimum wage, they can still receive a tip of 20%.

Tip taxes are not taxed.

If there are multiple workers working at the same time, they get a single tip, and they are taxed at 20%.

What’s a minimum wage?

A minimum wage for a job in NewYork is $11.25 per hour.

That includes $7 for tips and $2 per hour for benefits.

For a job that pays overtime, a minimum hourly rate is $12.75.

The federal minimum is currently $7 per hour plus $2 a.

The state minimum is at $6 per hour and the federal average is $8.35 per hour (before overtime).

But for a tipped worker, a $2 minimum wage equals about $1.65 per hour, according BLS data.

The BLS does not break out overtime.

The U.K. minimum wage covers a maximum of 30 hours of paid work per week.

The highest paid workers in the U