China population figures show huge leap in population in 2022

CHINA – The number of people living in China has increased by more than 13 million since 2010, the latest data from the country’s official Xinhua news agency showed Friday.

The increase in the countrys population, however, was still below the previous year’s total of 18.7 million.

The country’s population stood at 9.8 million on Jan. 1, 2010, up from 9.7 in the same year of 2014, according to the official Xinjiang Daily newspaper.

The total population of China was 6.2 billion people at the end of 2015, according a World Bank report released on Thursday.

The country’s government has said its population will reach 7.2 million by 2025, though that figure has been disputed by analysts.

China has had an economic boom in recent years, boosted by its rapid expansion of manufacturing, tourism and the creation of a vast new middle class.

But the country has also seen its birth rate, which is considered the primary measure of population, fall by more to one of the lowest in the world.